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Same Day Shipment of Inconel® Alloy 625 Bolting

Energy Bolting was contacted by a global engineering and construction contractor with an urgent bolting requirement.


100 pcs of M6 Socket Head Capscrews, Hexagon Nuts & Flat washers

Material: Inconel® 625 (UNS N06625, 2.4856, Alloy 625)

Fasteners in this material grade are not stock items and have to be manufactured to order. Our client had received delivery offers of 3 weeks - which was not good enough.

To satisfy the need of our client Energy Bolting offered delivery options: same day shipment or 5 day shipment.

The order was placed for same day shipment and completed on time!


European origin raw material Our strategic stockholding from approved mills allowed us to raise production paperwork and start manufacture without raw material delay

Manufactured to industry standards DIN 912 (Socket Capscrews) DIN934 (Hexagon Nuts) & DIN 125 (Flat Washers)

100% Dye Penetrant tested Non-destructive test for detecting surface discontinuities in materials

100% PMI tested (XRF)

Positive Material Identification (raw material & finished goods)

100% Inspection

Using UKAS calibrated equipment including: Digital Caliper, Knife Edge Thread Caliper Gauge & Screw Plug Gauge

Certification Pack

Consisting of: EN10204 3.1, Raw Material Certificate, Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Properties, Dye Penetrant certificate, PMI certificate & Inspection Record all fully traceable to the batch.

Special arrangements were made for dedicated shipment.


Urgent requirements are fulfilled on the shortest lead times. Project requirements or large batch quantities are supplied competitively and can be scheduled to suit customer demand.

Energy Bolting supply a diverse range of special fasteners, machined components and associated products.

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