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The changing face of manufacturing

Success in manufacturing and supply? It's all about product, product, product - right? Not anymore !

Industry data gathered from nearly 300 global manufacturing companies has shown that top businesses are differentiating on service, with the help of internet, training and customer-centric metrics.


Why is service the new differentiator ?

Faced with growing, global competition - suppliers are keen to avoid getting sucked into a race to the bottom on price. At the same time, most suppliers are unable to compete based on product differentiation alone.

Therefore businesses are finding themselves with limited power to differenciate on product and price, so how do you stand out from a crowded marketplace and clearly demonstrate your value to customers?

The answer is simple - You win on customer service instead!


Are you sure ?

  • 86% of manufacturers that are unable to differenciate based on product - believe that customer experience is now a key competitive differenciator.

  • Almost three-quarters of UK customers (consumers or business buyers) believe technology has made it much easier to switch vendors.

  • Almost the same proportion 73% say that their level of loyalty is influenced by personalised customer care.

Given all this, its unsuprising that 71% of manufacturing service teams have strengthened their focus on creating deeper customer relationships over the past 18-24 months


A bit about us

At Energy Bolting, we believe that by focusing on customer outcomes we can revolutionise the way fasteners and associated products are supplied to global energy industries.

We exist to deliver truly exceptional service that makes a positive impact on our customers’ business lives.

We track and share performance against our key targets and use the feedback to continuously improve for our customers. We ask customers to score the key interactions they have with us and always welcome feedback, taking great effort to action feedback that we think will improve our services for our entire customer community too.

Our core values:

Service Culture, Commitment to Quality, Trusted Partnerships and Measurable Results


Until next time!

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